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Fri Oct 27 2017 6:35Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 1Rett's Re-Rolls (Sirchristopher2)Clar Karond Krakens (ChrisF)180k1—1View
Wed Oct 25 2017 14:16Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 2Rats Off To Ya! (CakesPicasso)Clar Karond Krakens (ChrisF)0k3—0View
Sat Oct 21 2017 19:25Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 4Verminous Earners (Diazim)Death's Stars (Patrick)140k0—1View
Fri Oct 20 2017 18:49Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 3The Chosen Coven (williamrampart)Smednir's Steelers  (Smedneir)13k0—2View
Fri Oct 20 2017 18:33Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 3Green Fey Packers (tauman24)Rats Off To Ya! (CakesPicasso)0k0—2View
Fri Oct 20 2017 9:22Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 1The Nefarious Nibblers (dnel731)Clar Karond Krakens (ChrisF)0k5—0View
Fri Oct 20 2017 9:17Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 1The Nefarious Nibblers (dnel731)Undue Patience (The Doctor)0k1—1View
Sat Oct 14 2017 18:28Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 1Smednir's Steelers  (Smedneir)Rats Off To Ya! (CakesPicasso)0k2—0View
Fri Oct 13 2017 19:57Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 2Green Fey Packers (tauman24)The Chosen Coven (williamrampart)0k2—1View
Fri Oct 13 2017 9:40Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 1Smednir's Steelers  (Smedneir)Green Fey Packers (tauman24)0k1—2View
Fri Oct 6 2017 20:26Basement BloodbowlSeason 2Round 1Death's Stars (Patrick)Rett's Re-Rolls (Sirchristopher2)170k1—2View
Fri Feb 3 2017 20:38Basement BloodbowlGeneral Free For AllRound 1Conniving Clanrats (dnel731)Twinkle Evermoon (williamrampart)270k3—0View
Fri Jan 27 2017 22:32Basement BloodbowlGeneral Free For AllSemi-finalsTwinkle Evermoon (williamrampart)New Averland Patriarch (Bedwards)23k3—2View
Fri Jan 27 2017 21:36Basement BloodbowlGeneral Free For AllSemi-finalsRoaring Rabbits (Jack)Barons of Burgundy (cmarruda88)22k2—1View
Fri Jan 27 2017 21:17Basement BloodbowlGeneral Free For AllQuarter-finalsConniving Clanrats (dnel731)Drakenhof No-skins (ChrisF)190k4—1View

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